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Monetize Litigation Assets from Insolvency Cases

Premier Canadian Insolvency Litigation Funder

About Us

DVG Canada Corp is a purchaser of litigation claims related to insolvencies and various other types of liquidations in Canada where the time frame for repayment is likely to extend for months or many years.  Once your claim is verified, we can offer an immediate lump-sum cash payment. Some of the benefits of selling your claim to us may include:

  • Time – By selling your claim, you will not have to wait for distributions to be made to receive cash that you may need or want today.  Given the complexity and nuances of a case (e.g., large number of parties, wide variety of claim types, current and pending litigation, government agency involvement, lack of precedent), it may be quite some time before distributions are made.

  • Certainty – As described above, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty related to the ultimate value of claims.  By transferring your claim to us now, you can move on from the case and potentially receive more value than other stakeholders who chose to invest more time and money in the outcome.

  • Ease – We have committed a substantial amount of resources to make the transfer process as timely, simple, and trouble-free as possible. We will submit the relevant paperwork to ensure a smooth transition.

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